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This Mercedes is now being recycled after a serious accident made it non-drive-able

Surrey Car Removed for Auto RecyclingSurrey Car Removed for Auto RecyclingSurrey Car Removed for Auto Recycling

After having it’s front end smash rendering this Mercedes out of commission, we have paid the owner cash to remove it from it’s property safely so that it can be broken down and recycled.

Check out this old beast that is now being recycled

Coquitlam Land Yacht


This Coquitlam car has run it’s cause into the ground and now is off the be recycled.  With scrap metal prices as goo as they are the own got some good coin for it as well.


Coquitlam Land Yacht   Coquitlam Land Yacht

Burquitlam Car For Scrap

This car has been taken for all it`s parts already and still the owner was paid cash for it.  It looks good but nothing under the hood.

Junk Car Removed In Vancouver

Junk Car Removed In Vancouver

Saying goodbye was hard for him to do, but his mom said that it was an eyesore.  He fought to keep it but knew deep down inside that he did not have the time for it.  His mom did some research and saw that he can actually get some cash for the vehicle for recycling it.  he finally agreed, just to make sure she had his friends write and spray graffiti all over it.

Kitsilano Vancouver Junk Car


It simply stopped working, and the owner had it sitting in their garage for years just waiting for enough money to fix it. It has now been over a decade and now the owner decided even if it was to cost them money to remove it, it would have to go.  They were happy to find that you could actually get money for recycling their vehicle.