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Two vehicles for cash

They just inherited the place and they had thoughts of tearing the place down and renovating.  Just when they were about to, they have discovered that there were cars hidden in the over grown bushes.  They thought this would delay the process since demolition was scheduled but what they didn’t know is that we could pick up any day 24 hours a day.

Port Moody Junk Car Removed auto recyclers

Anytime of day, any day of the week.  We can pick up any vehicle and get it recycled and you will be paid cash for it as well.  This Ford was picked up just as the fall season was approaching.  They did not want it to go another year in the snow, rusting away.

Volvo in Coquitlam Junked Car for recycling

SO this car has been through enough it is time for it to go.  It sat in front of the house for so long and finally they have figured out what to do with it!  So decided to call to get it picked up no matter what the cost was but to their surprise they were offered money for it instead!

Richmond Car Removed for recycling

She tried 3 times to get this thing running again.  After the 3rd time she gave up, it cost more to keep trying and she just couldn’t do it anymore so she did what she had to do. She found out that she can actually get some money for her junk car after that it was a done deal. It pays to recycle.

New Westminster Beetle now recycled

This Volkswagen Beetle and it’s owner had just about enough.   Saying farewell to her took so long because the owner didn’t know what to do until she looked it up and found out that it can be recycled and that she can get some money back for it.